Bar 30 round magazine

To order simply send us an email, by clicking on the link below. We will reply with availability and payment information. E-mail "Sales--AT--bmgparts. Browning BAR. No Exports! Click on image to enlarge D Complete with both pins, BAR spacer and chains. We have most vehicle pedestal mounts for use with this cradle assembly. Package discount available. See out Tripods and Mounts Page. Sling, Leather,BAR. New Condition. Gunners Belt, BAR. Gunners Belt, with metal cup, BAR.

Khaki, dated US GI, Good. Bandolier, Belts, BAR. OD Green, Post War. Needs repair around snaps. Great for display. OD, Unmarked. Click on image to enlarge M1. Hanger, M1,BAR. Magazines available, but not included. Click on image to enlarge DM1. Leather is dry, brittle and broken. Scabbard, Leather,BAR. Large image, may take a minute to load. Chest, Magazine, BAR. Magazine, 20 rounds,BAR.

Grey Parkerized. For Blanks Only! Click on image to enlarge So, now you have your shiny new AR and have tried it out with the magazine or two that it came with.

Magazines for the AR come in all shapes and sizes.

bar 30 round magazine

The most popular is the 30 round magazine, but there are 20 and 10 round magazines aplenty. Of course, you should do that before you get that AR with the pistol grip, grenade launcher and flash suppressor. Some are polymer on the outside, some steel and some aluminum and yet they all still have a spring and a follower on the inside. The follower is what holds the cartridges in place, so they load into the breach of the barrel properly. The spring is what keeps pressure on the cartridges, so they continue to rise with enough force in order to hit the lip.

And the lip is what keeps a round from coming out of the magazine until it is pushed forward and into the breach by the bolt. One aspect of AR magazines to watch out for is tilt, which means that the follower tilts one way or another inside the magazine and causes the rifle to jam.

The original AR used a black follower that had tilting issues, so it was replaced with an upgraded follower that was dark green. While different colored followers now exist for subsequent upgrades, you should be safe if you stay away from the black ones. And its low profile ribbing on the sides and enhanced ribbing on the front and back allow for easy handling in various environments. The magazine was designed for easy, tool-less disassembly for cleaning.

Browning Magazines

And it comes with a dust cover to protect against debris and dust during storage that can be popped off before taking it into the field. The interior is dry lube coated, to prevent dust and debris from building up inside the magazine. And it was manufactured to Mil-Spec standards. This is a polymer magazine with a stainless steel spring. Its anti-tilt follower should prevent jams. And it is light and durable, with a textured finish for easy handling in the field or at the range.

This magazine is translucent, smoke colored polymer, which helps you see how many round you have, and it has a stainless steel spring. The anti-tilt follower and smooth curvature offers smooth feeding of the rounds into the breach.

The surface is textured to provide for easy handling. This magazine is aluminum, with a hard anodized coating and chrome silicon spring. So, which one wins? All of these magazines work well, are strong and durable, and feed rounds smoothly into the breach, at least most of the time. They simply work when it counts. Your email address will not be published. But where should you get those extra magazines from, and which ones should you get?

Durable for heavy use. Lighter than steel magazines and more durable than aluminum. Feeds rounds smoothly into the breach. May not fit easily into all magazine pouches.

Color may not match what is shown. May not fit some rifles well. Weighs less than steel or polymer magazines. Durable and sturdy. Finish may be a bit thin and can get scratches.Browning BAR History.

Midwest Gun Works offers many different brands and calibers of rifle ammunition. Please click here to browse our selection of rifle ammunition. It is the customer's responsibility for understanding state and local laws regarding magazine capacities.

Midwest Gun Works will not disassemble magazines to be sold as magazine parts. Federal Vital Shok Gr. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip gr. Fast Shipping. In Stock Firearms. Gift Cards. Parts Finder:.

AR .308 Magazines

Select Model Ratings Snapshot. Would recommend this product. In Stock. Brand: Browning Caliber:. States with applied magazine restrictions: California - no magazines greater than 10 rounds Colorado - no magazines greater than 15 rounds Connecticut - no magazines greater than 10 rounds with a valid permit. BAR Mag. I had trouble finding one and when I did they were expensive.

I was surprised at the reasonable price at Midwest Gunworks and ordered one. The magazine is from Browning, made in Italy and packaged in Portugal.

Except for the matte finish, it is a match to the original. Winchester Super X gr. Winchester Power Max Bonded gr.

bar 30 round magazine

Popular Brands. Enter Email.Midwest Gun Works offers many different brands and calibers of rifle ammunition. Please click here to browse our selection of rifle ammunition.

It is the customer's responsibility for understanding state and local laws regarding magazine capacities. Midwest Gun Works will not disassemble magazines to be sold as magazine parts.

Madsen LMG 30 Round .30-06 Magazine

The production of the BAR high power rifle began in and lasted through In Browning redid the standardization of its serial number identifications to work with its new data base program, Oracle. After using the above chart click on one of the following links to be directed to the appropriate category for your Browning BAR. Winchester Super X gr.

Remington Core Lokt Remington gr. Fast Shipping. In Stock Firearms. Gift Cards. Parts Finder:. Select Model Ratings Snapshot. Would recommend this product. Select Caliber. Brand: Browning Caliber:.

States with applied magazine restrictions: California - no magazines greater than 10 rounds Colorado - no magazines greater than 15 rounds Connecticut - no magazines greater than 10 rounds with a valid permit.

Perfect fit. Great magazine. Replacement for my original Browning Magazine in This unit isn't blued however it does have a rather durable finish. Would recommend it your looking for a replacement or extra mag for the original BAR. Received 3 Browning factory magazines, As good as or better than the original. Thank you MGW. Popular Brands. Enter Email. Manufacturer: Browning. Our Price.

bar 30 round magazine

In Browning standardized its serial number identification which it followed until Log in or Sign up to interact with the community.

Log in or Sign up. WWII Forums. Why wasn't the BAR given an extended magazine? Joined: Mar 20, Messages: 43 Likes Received: 5. One of the criticisms evidently leveled at the the BAR was its 20 round magazine. What I am wondering is: if this was indeed recognized as a shortcoming, why didn't someone simply develop a 30 round magazine for the BAR?

The 20 round magazine doesn't seem to extend too far below the action, so a magazine that would be approximately half again as long would not seem to extend so far below the rifle that the bipod could not be used. Creating a large capacity magazine would not seem to involve any retooling to the inner working parts of the action either, that I can think of. Any thoughts on this? Buten42 likes this.

Joined: Oct 6, Messages: Likes Received: As a squad automatic weapon,not so good. I knew a G-canal brown shoe sergeant who got ride of his M1 for an His was a riflemans perspective. He stayed in for 40 years and once cleaned the M course with minimal rounds by firing it like a rifle. What I'm trying to say is that the attitude of old army,probably thought the. Joined: Dec 1, Messages: 6, Likes Received: German Schmeisser MP40 good example.

Mags need carrying and the size and shape are important, banana mags are difficult to carry alot of without a bag. The M and its derivatives can use a variety of mags carrying different number of rounds. The Steyr can not only carry different sized mags but can in theory utilise a quick barrel change and can fire a different calibre!

The Bren used a banana mag quite effectively - though as a top loader - perhaps your queestion is a good one. CACJan 10, Joined: Jan 25, Messages: Likes Received: However, an experimental 40rd mag for AA use was made in very limited numbers.

A longer mag would raise the weapon off the ground even more and expose the gunner needlessly and require new mag pouches.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fixed barrel-- frequent mag changes was believed to aid in cooling the barrel.

PS after 20rds, the ammo curves so you need to design a curved mag. Joined: Aug 18, Messages: Likes Received: I remember seeing the BAR man character in SPR bang his mag against his helmet before inserting it and guessing to myself that this was to get sand out. I recall don't quote me that this was done to get the rounds in better alignment.

Would a bigger mag have meant bigger alignment problems? JBarkJan 13, Joined: May 9, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 1, It could come down to 'it ain't broken, so don't fix it' or 'it wasn't thought up here so why use someone else's idea'. Joined: Oct 16, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Joined: Dec 29, Messages: 5, Likes Received: 1, After 20 Rds the BAR would need to be moving to another postion. I could think of two reasons: The problems with feeding a larger magazine and spring tension and, that changing the magazine size would have required changing the ammunition pouch size, the ammunition bandoleer size, etc.They do like celebrities to come to the glitzy Golden Globes Awards show on January 7 (Daniel Day-Lewis, Margot Robbie, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Lawrence come to mind), which is by far the most fun party night of the year in Hollywood.

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Full auto RPD Belt fed Machine gun.

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