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Invite Friends. Invite Family To join this amazing 10 minute call in. More People. More Impact. More Matches! Expand your opportunities to get more shidduchim. Expand your opportunity to search for shidduchim and make matches. Join 10 minute Tehillim Together Program. Every Wednesday. Here's some wisdom about how to find true love. Find true love with us.

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Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Aleeza Bracha Ben Shalom. Partners in Shidduchim is sponsoring this wonderful workshop for sin Join Aleeza Ben Shalom tomorrow in Queens. A Worldwide Movement that engages in dialogue about dating and shidduchim. This podcast is a project of Partners In Shidduchim. Let's Talk - Let's Talk. Partners In Shidduchim premiered a video. This premiere video has ended. Watch Now. Partners In Shidduchim is a global shomer shabbos shidduch database where family, singles and friends - search, contact and try to make matches!Apr 13 19 Nisan Torah Portion.

Nov 27, by Rosie Einhorn, L. While I find your dating advice to be spot-on, one topic that hits closer to home has yet to be addressed. I am divorced. But because dating sites request that divorcees disclose their status at the outset, I find myself facing a stigma by many single women, their friends and parents. In the course of my brief marriage, I did everything by the book. We sought counseling, and when it failed, we cooperated on our divorce.

I have rebuilt my life, and am doing my best to find my true soul mate, only to encounter an invisible wall of hostility. Just last month, I was introduced to a beautiful young woman with good character and strong values.

She was open-minded and we dated twice. But on the advice of her friends and parents, she rejected me. They never met me — so how could they judge based on the sole criterion that I am divorced? I wish people would not judge me so quickly. You've touched on a challenge that more and more young people now face — healing from the break-up of a brief first marriage and, once they're ready to start dating again, being viewed as "damaged goods.

One reason is that many daters use the wrong criteria for choosing people to go out with. They tend to look for someone that sounds perfect and uncomplicated on the surface, and turn down ideas that aren't.

We always encourage people to gather all the relevant information about a date before saying "yes" or "no" to getting involved. If the person sounds promising but you're concerned about something in his or her history, find out more information.

It doesn't matter if it is a divorce, a medical condition, a rough patch during adolescence, or past financial difficulties — it's not fair to judge someone just because one item indicates that they're not perfect. Too often, we've seen daters turn down amazing people who have almost all of the qualities that are important to them — because of a potential issue they didn't want to bother to check out. You've experienced what contemporary culture calls a "starter marriage" that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

Unfortunately, we've seen many of these lately, often among couples who shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. They may have been infatuated with each other, but didn't share the core values and goals that form the foundation of a long-term marriage. Or they may not have had the maturity or skills to make the transition from being single to married.


They may have been pushed into marriage before they felt ready, or may have hoped that they'd be able to resolve major differences once they were married. It is unfair to stigmatize the people who went through this experience because they made a mistake.

Pencils come with erasers, and Jewish law comes with a mechanism to end marriages that aren't working. Related reading: Divorce in Judaism.Meet the new tool for creating digital shidduch resumes and easy suggestions.

The resumes section organizes shared and suggested resumes. So you can easily review resumes and suggested ideas. Updated resumes are the genius of ZivugTech. One update, and your digital shidduch resume is updated across the system.

Search for or request a resume, then send it off. Your resume is private until you share it or add it into a group. Then it becomes public so others can share it and suggest ideas. Tracking ideas is one of the best kept secrets of ZivugTech. Why not suggest ideas for others? ZivugTech offers powerful search, easy sharing and efficient progress tracking.

Then efficiently collect and search resumes.

Create, share, and view shidduch resumes. Join Now. What is ZivugTech? Create Create a resume once, share it from anywhere. Review The resumes section organizes shared and suggested resumes.

Update Updated resumes are the genius of ZivugTech. Suggest Search for or request a resume, then send it off.

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Share Your resume is private until you share it or add it into a group. Track Tracking ideas is one of the best kept secrets of ZivugTech. Take a tour. Think of a match. Suggest a match. Create a match. Ready to get started? Join for free.Malki is originally from Antwerp and moved to London after she got married.

She got involved in shidduchim after having set up a few people, with success. She is passionate about helping others meet their bashert. Malki accepts singles from Europe and the UK in the age range She likes to meet her clients first. We are very proud of our shadchanim.

They are a fantastic group of dedicated, varied individuals who all share a passion for helping frum singles find their zivug, their life partner.

When you complete your registration, you are invited to select your named shadchan. These brief descriptions should help you. If that shadchan is too busy to take on extra people at the moment, they will let you know and you can try someone else.

Rivky lives in Stamford Hill and is a mother of 4 young children. She works as a teacher and has been involved in shidduchim for many years.

Helping others to find their bashert has always been something close to her heart.

partners in shidduchim

Linda Sireling has been a successful shadchanit for 22 years. She recently made Aliya from Golders Green to Jerusalem and continues to be very active on the site. Linda works mostly with the more yeshivish and modern orthodox machmir end of the religious spectrum. She also works with baalei teshuva, having been one herself many years ago! She has been on the TV a few times and is well known in the community. Taking her role as shadchanit very seriously, she seeks Daas Torah often.

She prefers to be contacted via the site. Debbie lives in Golders Green with her husband Moishe and is a mother and grandmother.

She has been involved with Shidduchim for the last seven years and is looking forward to helping more singles through Shidduch. Debbie accepts singles between 18 and 55 from the UK and Europe and would like to meet them if possible.Phone calls, Face Time, or Face-to-Face Time — you and your partner get to decide when, what, how, and how often. Partners that study together, buddy together — forging bonds that can last a lifetime. Be the latest link in a long chain of Jewish tradition that spans over 3, years and counting.

Want to learn Jewish philosophy, customs, the weekly Torah portion or the Talmud — or simply brush up on your Hebrew-reading skills?

No problem. Partners in Torah is the perfect embodiment of that ethic - and you need someone who's one step ahead of you It was such an easy way to get in touch with myself. Say good-bye to passive, one-size-fits-all learning. Get involved. Question, argue and have fun with your new best friend. Discuss ideas, ask questions, and get acquainted with partners from around the world.

Your support will enrich the lives of Jews around the globe and help ensure our Jewish future. Potomac, MD Partner 59, Roslindale, MA Partner 50, Columbia, MD Partner 59, Denver, CO Partner 43, Chicago, IL Partner 42, We'd love to hear from you, address any questions, comments and concerns you have Partners in Torah Jewish Journeys, custom made.

Tell Me More. One day she'll know more than you. Start learning now! Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make me a Torah match. Personalized Learning Study one-on-one with a mentor or partner chosen especially for you! Lifelong Friendships Partners that study together, buddy together — forging bonds that can last a lifetime. Jewish Continuity Be the latest link in a long chain of Jewish tradition that spans over 3, years and counting.

Study any Jewish topic with your own private teacher We have a Torah that's not meant to be studied in isolation. Finding a Partner in Torah is easy. Here's how it works:. Step 1 Schedule a call with a Relationship Manager.Whether you like the term or not, the Shidduch Crisis is arguably the most painful and sensitive issue that the frum community is grappling with today.

Mordy Mehlman, publisher of the Flatbush Jewish Journal, opened the program and served as emcee. He explained that the mission of Compass is simple and straightforward: to work towards solving the shidduch crisis by educating and supporting all the stakeholders in the shidduch process, including daters, parents, shadchanim, and coaches. By examining every part of the process and working towards solutions, Agudah is attempting to deal with this crucial and timely issue.

He ended his introduction with the tefilah that this new and noble undertaking by Agudah should experience tremendous siyata dishmaya and make a positive impact on the shidduch crisis we are facing today.

partners in shidduchim

But his main message was that individuals cannot sit around and wait for the Agudah to take charge and bring change. Reb Shia urged the audience to lend their time and expertise to all the various shidduch initiatives so they can take off and truly effect a solution. One of the biggest issues facing shidduchim is the age gap between young men and women entering the dating world, with boys starting the dating process a good five years after girls do.

Among a list of proposed initiatives and issues, Reb Shia discussed the problem of shadchanim who are not incentivized for their hours of work at all hours of the day and night. Rabbi Shaya Ostrov is a licensed social worker and noted author of four books, who shared his insights from many years of coaching young men and women through the shidduch process.

What is ZivugTech?

We should develop a curriculum even for younger children on how to develop relationships. Rabbi Doniel Frank, a therapist in private practice in Monsey who is also an author and shidduch coach, discussed the need to empower parents to be more effective when interacting with their children and shadchanim. Why do you think you are ready? These questions may seem simple, but if our children have a problem answering them, that may be a red flag.

Baila Yaniv of Monsey, who along with her husband Dovid are the founders of Partners in Shidduchim www. She stressed that Partners in Shidduchim is not just a great resource, but a worldwide movement to bring singles, their families, and shadchanim together to search for solutions. Users can search for shidduchim for themselves, or on behalf of someone they know, and can use the resource section to expand connections and get in touch with shadchanim and shidduch coaches, something especially valuable for those from out of town.

Yaniv urged the attendees to go beyond just using the site to find shidduchim, but to expand the database by uploading more profiles. The site adheres to the guidelines of daas torah, and users have the option of sharing a picture or not, depending on their preference, ensuring their comfort with every stage of the process. Though each speaker touched on different points, one unifying thread wove all their talks together: the need for each individual to see what they can do to help solve this crisis.

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To inquire about using our content, including videos or photos, email us at general thelakewoodscoop. Stay up to date via our news alerts, by sending 'follow LakewoodScoop' to the number '' or via Twitter handle LakewoodScoop.In Orthodox Jewish circles, dating is limited to the search for a marriage partner.

Both sides usually the parents, close relatives or friends of the persons, and the singles themselves, involved make inquiries about the prospective partner, e. A shidduch often begins with a recommendation from family members, friends or others who see matchmaking as a mitzvahor commandment.

Some engage in it as a profession and charge a fee for their services.

partners in shidduchim

Usually a professional matchmaker is called a shadchanbut anyone who makes a shidduch is considered the shadchan for it. After the match has been proposed, the prospective partners meet a number of times to gain a sense of whether they are right for one another.

The number of dates prior to announcing an engagement may vary by community. In some, the dating continues several months.

In stricter communities, the couple may decide a few days after originally meeting with each other. Also the age when shidduchim start may vary by community. In frum circles, especially among Hassidimeighteen is the age when shidduchim start and shadchanim take notice. Those who support marriage by shidduch believe that it complies with traditional Judaism 's outlook on Tzniutmodest behaviour in relations between men and women, [1] [4] and prevents promiscuity.

It may also be helpful in small Jewish communities where meeting prospective marriage partners is limited, and this gives them access to a broader spectrum of potential candidates. If the shidduch works out then the couple inform the shadchan of its success.

In recent years, a number of shidduchim sites have appeared on the Internet. The prospective partners either date each other or in stricter communities they go to a "bashow" [5] or sit in. A typical bashow scene is that the young man with his parents goes to see the young woman in her house or that of someone hosting [6] [8]to see if the prospective couple are compatible.

Both sets of parents talk to each other, and then when the setting is more relaxed, they go into another room, leaving the man and woman in the living room to speak among themselves. Some use this opportunity to actually ask each other pertinent questions, while some just want to see if they like each other, relying more on the information they got from the shadchen or from other people.

The number of bashow s prior to announcing an engagement varies, as some have many bashow s while others have as few as one, which is typical among the children of Hasidic Rebbes. It can also be used to express the seeming fate or destiny of an auspicious or important event, friendship, or happening. In modern usage, Jewish singles will say that they are looking for their bashertmeaning they are looking for that person who will complement them perfectly, and whom they will complement perfectly.

Since it is considered to have been Heavenly foreordained whom one will marry, one's spouse is considered to be one's bashert by definition, independent of whether the couple's marital life works out well or not. A somewhat related word is zivug. The first recorded shidduch in the Torah was the match that Eliezerthe servant of the Jewish patriarch Abrahammade for his master's son Isaac Genesis Ch.


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